Content is King – Quality SEO content and Google Penguin Reality

Quality SEO content and Google Penguin RealityAnyone worth their salt in SEO or web marketing will tell you this truism – Content is King. Content is King – and a good king at that.

Why is “King Content” so good? He feeds us, keeps us safe, and is a fair judge if we are righteous. Sometimes, the king shows his flaws. Regardless of his flaws, we must respect the King!

How can I say these things? Have I gone mad? No! It’s a metaphor. Stick with me here.

Quality content feeds our traffic. It does so through social media & natural backlinking because good content is shared whether we make it easy or not. Is it easy to share a photo of the sasquatch you take with a disposable camera? Of course not, but you know it’s going to make its way to your website, Facebook, Twitter and everything else as soon as you’re able to share it. This is the first way that the theory “Content is King” shows its validity.

Content feeds us in another way: providing us with income.

If written in a way that entices the audience to make a good choice, and that good choice happens to be our product, an affiliate product, or opting into our sales stream, content has provided us with income.

Credibility contentThat’s a second way to show that “Content is King” works as a metaphor.

Credibility – the third-way content feeds us.

I’m always impressed when I go to someone’s blog or website and read new, well-supported information written uniquely, or reinforcing/regurgitating something I know or believe to be true. The more great content we have, the more credible we are.

It’s a great way to see that content is king. Like a good king, content keeps us safe from the outside world.

How is the content quality creates backlinks?

When we focus on our content – we don’t have to worry about backlinks. Google will tell us, through their tools, what backlinks are bad, and we can disavow them. We didn’t spend any time generating backlinks – we provided content, and hopefully made it easier for others to share it.

The “content is king” theory keeps us safe from competitors who don’t care as much as we do since we are creating content that is worthwhile and made with love. It allows us to share the marketplace with other companies and individuals who are equally or more passionate, which are only fair and should not frown upon – we are human and community.

Content keeps us safe in another way – it keeps us always learning and growing in our knowledge of our subject matter, and keeping us ahead of the curve of our competition.

King as a Quality Content

I want to talk about the phrase we often hear – Content is King. I think it’s a perfect analogy – and I talk about it earlier.

King as a Quality ContentWe’re going to talk about points to consider for different content types. Through some research of the customs of that content type, you’ll be able to figure out all of the specifics.

First of all; there are rulers in different realms.

For instance, a ruler in China might like for you to call him only by a common formal name. He might only drink tea, and never coffee.

A king in Ethiopia however, only drinks coffee, and would like you to speak to him as though he were an ordinary man. But don’t ever wear the color purple when you’re going to see him.

How The King – Content – Should Be Treated

Let’s talk about how the king should be treated!

In the same way, each content type needs to be dealt with in its unique way – according to the customs that king has set out at the time. When you approach a king, you do so with respect, timeliness, and in a manner that is thought out. If you say the wrong thing, he may ask for your head on a platter. However, if you present yourself correctly, you can be given serious rewards like safety, provisions & justice.

Let’s talk more about how to approach the king!


Understand the best way to present your content – what do you need to utilize to please the king most?

How The King – Content – Should Be TreatedIs it header tags and meta descriptions, like in the case of SEO? Is it hashtags and short links and socially-minded comments, like posting on Twitter and Facebook?


Would you talk to a king without being organized in your approach? Would you make it unable for him to easily understand?

Of course not! You would think long and hard about your words!


Would you not present yourself according to the groups you look to represent?

If you’re pitching to tech-savvy people, make sure your web design appeals to them and is not recognizable as a template if it is one.

If seniors are your audience, don’t use colours and shapes that would appeal more to children, etc.


When is the best time to approach the king? Would you tweet about an event two years after it’s over, knowing no one will be following it?

Does it make sense to post your blog post at 2 am on Tuesday? Only if your audience is active that late at night, of course!

Of course, you must pay respect to the king by approaching him at the time he wants.

Relevance & Authority

Should you even be speaking out, to begin with?

A king would be infuriated if a person requested time with him as though he had something of utmost importance to say, and then gave him false information or tried to manipulate the king.

Such a person would be dealt with as a fool and indeed penalized. Can you see how this applies to content?

So, what’s the point?

I think you all get the point: Treat Your Content Like Royalty!

High Quality Content

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