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    Achieve Top Search Engine Traffic And Ignite Your Sales Through Our Signature SEO Approach (All done by us!)

    We're 'To-The-TOP!', a Vancouver-based SEO. We’ve been in the game for 17 years and counting. We've helped over 54 businesses, just like yours, climb to the top 5 spots in Google searches, increased their visibility and sales through our strategic W.A.K.E.S.™ process. Straight talk, real results, crazy sales.

    *That’s the timeline for our collaborative effort to move your website up to the top five ranks of search engines, tailored for Vancouver-based businesses. It’s not an overnight process, it’s a long-term investment, but the results are well worth the commitment!

    Vancouver SEO Company “To-The-TOP!” has a remarkable 17-year presence in the market. We have successfully delivered outstanding results in over 54 projects, ranking our clients’ websites between positions 1 and 5 in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We serve clients of diverse niches and sizes, all located within Vancouver. After working with more than 80 websites for many areas including Vancouver, we developed a creative process that “wakes” up the success of your website, boosting it all the way to the top!

    Best part? We do all the work for you. Here’s what our signature W.A.K.E.S.TM process looks like:

    Step 1

    Website Audit

    We manually dive deep into your online presence and marketing, seeking answers to vital questions like:
    • Why is your website struggling to attract unique visitors?
    • What’s causing users to spend less time on your site?
    • Why isn’t your website among the top results in Google, Bing, or Yahoo searches?
    • What are the reasons behind lacklustre sales?

    Step 2

    Analyzing and Answering

    It’s that simple: more views lead to more sales.

    We employ strategic methods to distribute your website’s links effectively across the web, ensuring they catch the eye of your potential customers. It will help search engines recognize your website’s value, pushing it to the top of search results (ideally in the top five), which leads you to efficiently reaching your target audience, increasing visibility, driving organic traffic, and potentially multiplying your sales.

    Step 3

    Keyword Research

    Think of keyword research as the roadmap for your online journey.

    Just as signposts guide travelers to their destinations, keywords lead search engines and users to your website. We identify the most common queries from your target audience and analyze the words and phrases they use. Incorporating these keywords into your website is where the magic (and increased sales) happens.

    Step 4

    Effective Search Engine Optimization and Exposure

    Effective SEO will turn your website into a well-organized store.

    Each page is fine-tuned to showcase your products effectively. Much like arranging products in a store to catch the eyes of shoppers, SEO ensures your website attracts online visitors and makes your offerings hard to overlook. In essence, SEO transforms your website into a customer-attracting store, beautifully showcasing what you have to offer.

    Step 5

    Strategic support

    We take action when it comes to you and your website.

    We're not just about advice. With our strategic support, we regularly update your site, add fresh content, and actively promote it on other platforms. This forward-facing strategy maintains your position in search engine results, preserving your online visibility and keeping your website relevant to your target audience.

    Do you need a website that…

    • Dominant in online searches in Vancouver?
    • Profitable for your business?
    • Recognized as a leader in your niche?

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    Content & Technical SEO Specialists.

    Calgary SEO Exspert with keys
    Getting to the first page of Google takes deep technical knowledge and hard work. Grigoriy Ichshenko is a leading SEO strategist at our Vancouver SEO agency. Greg has over 15 years of search engine marketing experience. He has unlocked Vancouver SEO strategies that will generate traffic to your website from users that buy again and again. With social media marketing, your post is often gone within 24 hours. SEO traffic is evergreen. Lasting long after you're listed in the search engine results pages.

    Technical SEO Definition.

    This refers to the technical part of optimization services. We look under the hood to analyze the elements that make a site work. Here are some examples:
    • Website structure.
    • Information architecture.
    • Mobile user experience.
    • Mobile user experience.
    • Site load times.
    • Google search console errors.
    • Balance SEO and paid media.
    • The latest marketing industry standards.

    Content SEO Definition.

    Content SEO is the practice of writing, preparing images, videos and publishing other pieces on your site to demonstrate E.E.A.T. The engines like Google look for these 4 elements in content in order to rank them. They are experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Click here to see Google's guidance on content marketing for digital marketing agencies.

    How to choose the right SEO Company in Vancouver.

    Look for SEO nerds like us! We live and breathe the algorithm. We monitor each adjustment and make adaptations to SEO campaigns. That's how we continue to grow your SEO success. Contact us for SEO services in Vancouver.

    What is Vancouver SEO?

    It is the process of optimizing your website with the search algorithms specifically in the Vancouver area. This will generate more valuable visitors to your site and higher sales.

    What is On-Page SEO?

    This SEO process is designed to optimize the elements on your website's pages. We'll optimize the content, keywords, images, and videos for the best results. We will also optimize elements like meta tags, headings, internal links and url structures to make your site more effective.

    What is Off-Page SEO?

    These are activities that happen outside of your site. These send signals to the engines about the quality of your content in relation to keywords. Links to your site from other sites, your social media strategy, marketing plan, and other digital marketing programs help search engines find out the importance and relevance of your pages.

    Is hiring an SEO Team worth it?

    Internet marketing specialist comparing SEO and PPC
    Definitely! But you don't need to take our word for it. Let's do an experiment. Look at a keyword that describes your business. Let's say it's "organic dog treats". The current cost per click to advertise at the top of Google is $4.45 per click. To get 1,000 clicks per month, that would be $4,450 per month for visitors alone. They may not buy anything. You do not pay per click for visits from organic listings. They are free. That's why you need SEO!

    How long do search engine rankings take?

    Big updates to search indexes happen every 4 to 6 months. That means any changes can take between 4 to 6 months to occur. If an SEO consultant guarantees it will happen faster, that is a red flag.

    How do I choose a Vancouver SEO company?

    To find the number 1 SEO in Vancouver, do a search! How was their website ranked? Was it advertised as an Ad? Or was it on the first page of search results? If it wasn't ranked well, how can you trust them to do better on your site? Also take a look at their other clients and their digital marketing strategies. Do your homework. Do they even know where Vancouver is? Building a reputation online requires marketing experts with excellent marketing techniques so make sure you spend your hard-earned money in the right place!

    Can I measure SEO success?

    magic SEO tools
    Yes. We use a number of different tools to measure success. We use:
    • Google Analytics.
    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider.
    • SEM Rush.
    • Ahrefs.
    • Serpsta.
    • Plagiarism Checker.
    • Neuron Writer.

    Can SEO harm my website?

    Sometimes yes. It is important to find the right marketing team with good practices. Many SEO companies will use "black hat" tactics. These are methods designed to trick the major providers listing a site higher. Things like keyword stuffing, comment spamming, and links from fake sites, can all damage your company website. To-The-Top never uses any of these tactics so you stay at the top.

    Do I need Google Analytics?

    We strongly recommend Google Analytics for your site. It will clearly demonstrate both the visitors and sales generated by search traffic. Armed with this data, we can adapt and improve your campaigns to drive your site To-The-Top!

    Do I need Google Search Console?

    You don't need it but it is recommended. Search console analyzes your site for technical challenges and will display important data on how your site is being indexed. The console highlights site issues like the mobile user experience not being ideal, or more advanced challenges like canonical urls not being declared properly. The console highlights these issues and sets your site up for success.

    How do I start?

    SEO helps people to find products and services
    Call us! Many companies will attempt free SEO on their own. Many people don't realize it takes dedication and hard work to stay on top of search trends and changes in the algorithm. A powerful backlink profile is critical to getting your site To-The-Top and we have the expertise to build the right profile that will turn into revenue for your company.

    Is SEO a one-time thing?

    Like anything, you need to keep working at it. We've become the # 1 SEO Agency because are constantly improving and staying on top of changes to the algorithm. Our clients get the benefit of our knowledge and experience. We continually improve results for clients.

    Is enterprise SEO only for large business?

    No. We offer the same great service regardless of how large your business is. The main difference for enterprise is the number of pages and elements that need to be optimized. The underlying search engine optimization services are the same.

    Is optimization the same as digital marketing?

    Sort of. Optimizing for search is part of the digital marketing mix. The mix will incorporate paid media, social marketing, email marketing and the other digital activities together with search. No. While both work with keywords in order to find the right customer, paid search costs money for every click. You don't need to pay for clicks that come organically from the results!

    What makes us SEO experts?

    Calgary SEO Professional
    Greg Ichshenko is our Search Guru and has been leading our team since 2007. He has made it his mission to help local businesses grow through search. Look at our impressive portfolio of results.

    What is Local SEO?

    Local SEO focuses on a specific geographic area. To optimize results in that area we can leverage additional tools to generate better results. We are experts in Vancouver SEO, so our SEO can help search engines to find local businesses and rank them higher.

    Who can offer SEO marketing help?

    We can! You will be hard pressed to find any other companies that can match the service To-The-Top provides. Greg Ichshenko has been leading local results for over 15 years and has over 1,800 top requests. Call today for a no obligation discussion, just click here.

    What are search algorithms?

    Search algorithms are a complex set of rules and calculations used to determine the relevance and ranking of web pages. They will look at thousands of factors including keywords, content quality, website structure, user experience, backlinks, and social signals. The algorithm will then determine the order of results and measure how users interact with the results. Based on this data, they will adjust the positions in order to provide the user the best possible search experience.

    Why is SEO important for digital marketing campaigns in Vancouver?

    Vancouver is extremely competitive. Businesses with a strong search presence stand out across the online ecosystem. They won't just appear in search, they'll also appear in maps, my business and reviews. Even other sites that use the search index. Your potential customers are out looking. They will go to the first place they find. That's why we make sure you are the first people they find.