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Monitor calibration tool is on your display

Monitor calibration can help you to save your eyes!

display calibration helps save your eyes

Are you spending the majority of your day looking at a monitor? Do you find your eyes frequently itching or feeling dry? Do you often experience headache?

In 90% of cases the problem is your monitor.  Even if you have a good display or high quality monitor, certain settings can significantly impact your health. Settings such as contrast, brightness and colours, if not set properly, can cause big problems.
Most people think that brand new monitors will work properly out of the box, however, they may begin to notice discomfort in their eyes while at work or on their computer. Running to the closest store and buying a more expensive brand of monitor will not fix the issue.
The default settings on new monitors are standardized across all different brands and types of monitors.  Each monitor, however, has different components such as liquid crystals and LEDs. These all have their own micro deviations from the standard. This is why two identical monitors have will appear different when compared side by side.
By adjusting the settings that optimize your particular monitor you can save your eyes and prevent fatigue or headaches.
Here’s how:


Choosing The Right Domain Name

The name you call your website on the Internet is important. Choosing the right domain name will give your business every chance of success. Read the recommendations here before committing to your domain name.

Choosing The Right Domain Name (more…)

Step-By-Step Guide On The best way to Develop A Popular Blog

In the modern age, blog and blogging is a way of life.

Blogging became more than just generating some new pals or connecting having a handful of hundred people today. It is about touching millions of lives within your personal one of a kind way.

It became over just “making money”, and much more of “making funds AND obtaining famous”. I mean, why not? It is in our human nature to strive for a bit bit of fame sometime in our life.

guide develop popular blog

We go out in the approach to updating our status on our Facebook page, to tweet our most recent job offer you on Twitter or share our day-to-day experiences on camera by way of Instagram or Youtube.

Within the modern day age, you do not need to purchase high priced T.V. ad spots, get costly magazine or newspaper coverage, or devote countless hours creating unique connections with people today in Hollywood to acquire your voice heard.

In this Post I am going to offer you a couple of uncomplicated steps you will be able to take to make a renowned weblog of your own in a matter of hours, beginning with: (more…)

Top 5 Reasons Why A Business Should Outsource Its SEO

Why A Business Should Outsource Its SEOIt crosses every webmaster’s mind whenever they see an ad or an email for search engine optimization. Many home entrepreneurs wonder what they are missing by not doing it. So should you hire a specialist? Search website traffic makes up at least 85% of all traffic to a site. So of course, search engine optimization is very important. But what, if any, will be the results of doing it for yourself? Would it be beneficial to a website owner to hire a pro SEO consultant, or just plod along and hope they are doing it right? That is a sound dilemma to face, and I will show you why it should be a simple decision. There are five reasons that explain why hiring them will be to your benefit.


WARNING! You Can’t Buy SEO!

Lots of people that I speak to think they can just buy SEO services one time – that their site can be optimized for SEO and then left alone.

They think search engine optimization is a set-it-and-forget-it type of operation and want just to go out and buy SEO services one time.

I hate to tell them the truth:

It is not! (more…)

What to Ask Hiring an SEO Firm

What-Do-You-Ask-Your-Next-SEO-AgencyMore than a few SEO firms are having clients de-indexed by Google for Penguin compliance.

No surprise there!

Now, agencies are beginning to get the Google slap. The same SEO firms are scrambling to find new clients to replace ones that just fired them.

After years in the business, I have interviewed many prospective clients. Some I choose not work with because we do not share common ground.

If you are interviewing SEO specialists, I recommend these considerations. (more…)

How Important Are Conversion Rates

What-Are-Conversion-RatesHow important are conversion rates, you wonder? In a word? Extremely.

What Are Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates are measurements of the percentage of a website’s visitors that take the desired action.

Here is an example:

Your goal is to sell an eBook, and 10 people visit your site in a day.

2 of those 10 visitors buy the eBook, as desired.

Your conversion rate for that day is 20% because 20% of your visitors ‘converted’ into customers.


Three Reasons Why You Do not Need SEO

Three Reasons Why You Do not Need SEOI talk to business owners on a daily basis, and so many of them want me to tell them – “You do not need SEO.”

It seems like everyone has heard of SEO nowadays, and I am no longer explaining what SEO is. That is great news.

However, so many of them want to be convinced that they do not need SEO.

Believe it or not, I tell them it is true. For some businesses, you do not need SEO!


Hiring a Calgary SEO Company

Recently, I had a large company owner ask me for advice what to look for hiring another Calgary SEO company. Initially, they wanted to hire my firm. However, I already have a client in his industry. So I had to pass.

This issue is critical hiring SEO consultants. I have a strict non-compete policy. I do not accept new client partners if we’re already partnering with someone else in that target industry. (more…)

A Practical Approach to Better Blog Posts

A Practical Approach to Better Blog PostsWhen you want to run your successful blog, you need to truly understand what sort of content your readers deserve to read. Not only that but how you present that content is important too. It’s all about writing blog posts that grab attention from others. The Internet sees thousands of blogs launched every day, but few of them can truly make it. And most of them happen to fail because of lack of good, quality content. So what you need to know then, is this: what is the best way to compose effective posts? What will it take for you to offer your best and then know that you will be receiving the best in return? In this article, I will be checking out a few things that will help you with exactly that. (more…)