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Calgary SEO and Penguin: 3 SEO Tips

Calgary SEO Tips will help you to start from within your organization.

If your site lost rankings or you are in the market to upgrade your SEO, here is a help.

Following is advice based on what I am doing with my client partners that not only survived Penguin but are dominating the search engines.


Black Hat SEO – what you don’t want to do

It is a personal insight, and it can have no coherence with your experience and your discoveries.

Black Hat SEO is simply the call name for some techniques that are used to get higher search engine ranking is an unethical manner (ways that are forbidden by the main search engines). They usually break the current rules and regulations (some of them were permitted some time ago but they became obsolete/forbidden because of the abuse), create poor user experience for the visitors of the site, unethically presents content in different ways (one way for the human visitors and one way for the search engines spiders). (more…)

Best Keywords Selection – Getting to the Top of Google.

Effectively designing each web page and marketing your site is what will separate you from probably 99% of all other self-styled “webmasters.” Why? Because, very simply, they don’t have any idea what to do or how important website promotion is while you, in only a few minutes, will know exactly how to get started getting to the top of Google through this straightforward keywords tutorial.

Getting to the Top of Google with the Best Keywords Selection

Did you know that there are, literally, trillions of web pages on the Net? Hundreds of millions of websites. Most online pages get little commercial traffic while only a small minority of net pages get large volumes of traffic. (more…)

Why SEO Backlinks Don’t Work

Having a ton of backlinks pointing to your site, regardless of their page rank, simply does not count the way it used to.

Put simply, the days of climbing the ranks in Google by buying backlinks are over and done with.

Even with backlinks from the highest page ranks, your link profile is no longer the deciding factor when it comes to ranking on Google.Why SEO Backlinks Don’t Work (more…)

The 10 Secrets of On-Page Optimization

Google’s Penguin algorithm has changed the way to win at on-page optimization.

Keyword stuffing, over optimization and spam backlink campaigns, is a thing of the past.

Simply put, there are ten secret points to pay attention to if you are looking to achieve perfect on-page optimization. You can even use this post to see that I optimized this page, using all ten secrets, for the keyword on-page optimization. (more…)

How to create successful Link Building Campaign?

successful Link Building CampaignStructuring your link building campaign can be difficult as there is so much advice on the internet that contradicts with each other.

These make a person confused about what to do and what not.

One thing that most of us know for sure is, creating successful link building campaigns are very crucial for the success of a website.

So, figuring out that in which direction should you pursue your efforts for maximum returns in link building is difficult but necessary. (more…)

Frequently Asked Questions of SEO

To-The-TOP: SEO can be complicated and confusing, so here is some additional information to better serve you.SEO can be complicated and confusing. Frequently Asked Questions (more…)

Working Hard To Write Quality Content

I may not know you personally, but I can tell you this about yourself: you can write quality content.

I am going to give you as much meat as possible in this post because it is such a central component to the quality of your website.

However, since it is such a central component to the success of your site, you will find more about this topic in most of our other posts!


Google’s Panda and Fast SEO – Stay Away At ALL COSTS

Here’s a simple rule of thumb: everything that isn’t great content is high risk for SEO. Panda does not sleep!

Why dare say something so extreme?

Google’s Panda update is a two-part machine:

  1. If sees it anything doesn’t like, it WILL red flag you. (Google’s algorithm looks at every website, whether you’re brand new or 15 years established on the web.)
  2. Your site will be reviewed by a real, live Quality Assurance team. If THEY see anything they don’t like, you’re in deep trouble.


Content is King – Quality SEO content and Google Penguin Reality

Quality SEO content and Google Penguin RealityAnyone worth their salt in SEO or web marketing will tell you this truism – Content is King. Content is King – and a good king at that.

Why is “King Content” so good? He feeds us, keeps us safe, and is a fair judge if we are righteous. Sometimes, the king shows his flaws. Regardless of his flaws, we must respect the King!

How can I say these things? Have I gone mad? No! It’s a metaphor. Stick with me here.

Quality content feeds our traffic. It does so through social media & natural backlinking, because good content is shared whether we make it easy or not. Is it easy to share a photo of sasquatch you take with a disposable camera? Of course not, but you know it’s going to make its way to your website, Facebook, Twitter and everything else as soon as you’re able to share it. This is the first way that the theory “Content is King” shows its validity. (more…)