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    At least 41.97% of ready-to-buy customers can not find you due to weak SEO. This is how to turn it around!

    Elevate Your Website to Top 5 Search Rankings
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    'To-The-TOP!' is your SEO partner in Toronto. With a rich 17-year History, we've guided over 54 Businesses to Google's Top 5. Our 5-Step approach boosts visibility and works wonders on amplifying your sales.

    *That’s the timeline for our collaborative effort to move your website up to the top five ranks of search engines, tailored for Toronto-based businesses. It’s not an overnight process, it’s a long-term investment, but the results are well worth the commitment!

    Toronto SEO Company “To-The-TOP!” has an amazing 17-year presence in the market. We have successfully delivered outstanding results, ranking our clients’ websites in the top five positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We serve a diverse array of Toronto clients in various niches.
    After working with more than 80 websites in different regions including Toronto, we developed a signature five-step process to boost your website to the top of Google search results.

    And don’t worry! All the work is done by us, for you.
    Here’s what our signature five-step SEO process looks like:

    Do you need a website that…

    • Dominates Toronto’s online searches?
    • Creates profit for your business?
    • Positions you as a leader in your niche?

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    Why Toronto SEO Services?

    Toronto is the largest city in Canada with over 6 million people. It is a global hub for business, finance, arts and entertainment. Your business needs great Toronto SEO. Even if your business is located in Vancouver, Calgary, New York, or Paris. Optimizing your website's SEO for Toronto can make all the difference in growing your business.

    One of Toronto's greatest appeals is its cultural diversity. As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, individuals from various backgrounds coexist harmoniously. This mosaic of cultures brings a richness and diversity to the city with vibrant communities, Michelin star restaurants, international sports teams, art galleries, museums and many more attractions.

    Considered the financial capital of Canada, Bay Street is synonymous with Wall Street. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, Toronto has a thriving startup ecosystem. It is home to a number of tech giants, digital marketing agencies, website design and many other companies. It also has one of the largest online shopping communities in the world. Keep in mind that SEO will grow your business from Toronto, even if you're not based there.

    Toronto is one of the top 25 places in the world to live as reported by CP24. Click here to read the article. Toronto has exceptional healthcare and education systems providing residents with world-class services. Diverse neighbourhoods cater to a wide range of lifestyles and interests. If you prefer hustle and bustle, the downtown core is always open. For those looking for more serene living, the suburbs provide peaceful communities. The city takes pride in its commitment to sustainability with extensive green spaces, dedicated bike lanes and efficient public transit.

    Toronto has a number of iconic landmarks and attractions. The CN Tower was the tallest free standing structure in the world from 1975 to 2007. While it is no longer the tallest, it is still a sight to see and a clear symbol of Toronto. The Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario and the Toronto International Film Festival are well known internationally and showcase the city's dedication to arts and culture.

    If you're into sports, so is Toronto! Passionate fans can cheer on teams in all the major leagues except for the NFL. Home of Canada's only NBA team, the Toronto Raptors enjoy fans from all of Canada. We are the north! The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the NHL. The Blue Jays represent the MLB. The Toronto Argonauts are in the CFL and the Toronto FC plays major league soccer. Many people think hockey is Canada's only national sport. Canada actually has two national sports. Hockey and Lacrosse! The Toronto Rock are from the National Lacrosse League and play out of Hamilton, ON.

    Successful SEO requires a deep understanding of your business and your customers. We ensure your business has the right search results to be successful. Toronto's commitment to diversity, inclusivity and safety consistently ranks it high in global safety indexes. The city is also one of top 10 places in the world to celebrate Pride and the LGBTQ+ community. The thriving economy, exceptional quality of life, remarkable attractions and inclusive spirit makes it an important city to include in your SEO campaigns.

    Local Content That Ranks!

    Calgary SEO Exspert with keys

    We take the time to learn everything we can about the areas you want to rank. We've put clients To-The-Top of the SERP by understanding each region and creating content that connects locally and is indexed globally. This means people who are located in Madrid and are researching things to do or places to stay in Toronto will see your result! As a major city with so many attractions, over 27 million people travel to Toronto each year. To-The-Top not only optimizes your site to grow search from people who live there. It also puts your business on the map for people planning to travel as well.

    [To-The-Top] have significantly increased the traffic to our websites.


    Website SEO Audit.

    Understanding that SEO starts with your site, so do we! We perform a systematic review of the various aspects of your site. We highlight the search guidelines and best practices to improve its performance.

    This comprehensive evaluation of your site includes:

    • Analysis of your current on-page optimization elements.
    • Review of the off-page signals being sent to the engines.
    • Content quality assessment.
    • Link profile.
    • Technical evaluation of your site speed and structure.
    • An honest SWOT analysis. This element is key as we list the Strengths of your site. Highlight Weaknesses we can improve. Take advantage of Opportunities and Mitigate any potential threats.
    • Powerful SEO plan to raise your site To-The-Top!


    On-page optimization will look at the following:

    • Meta tags.
    • Meta descriptions.
    • Leading SEO Headings.
    • Keyword density.
    • High quality content to ensure your SEO efforts are successful.


    Our marketing team will also evaluate your off-page SEO. We assess your backlink profile for the quantity, quality and relevance of external links to the site. References from other sites, listings on directories, PR, email and social marketing will all contribute to your backlinks.

    Content Assessment.

    People come to your site for great content! Our audit will evaluate your content for the latest standards in evaluating content. Namely, E.E.A.T. which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Experience. Content should communicate some degree of experience for the person. Google is looking for another layer to the content so it demonstrates the use of a product, shows details about the location within the content and/or captures how someone will interact with the content in real life. Expertise. The author must demonstrate expertise in the subject matter so users can trust it. This can be demonstrated through citations, qualifications, credentials, professional experience and a track record of high quality, reliable content. Authoritativeness. Google assesses the content creator's reputation and influence within its industry. Backlinks from reputable websites, industry expert mentions on social and positive user feedback all contribute to authoritativeness. Trustworthiness. Content and the website must be reliable and credible. Some of the signals Google is looking for include privacy policies, secure website connections, clear sourcing, citations, and an obvious separation between editorial and advertising content. Positive user reviews and testimonials also build trustworthiness. Like this review from one of our happy clients.

    Personnel Recruitment Center “Career – Holdings” recommends [To-The-Top] for optimization of the websites.

    Saad I.

    E.E.A.T. is a key component when creating SEO content. As an agency that specializes in reliable Toronto SEO, we offer one of the best SEO content services online.

    Read more about E.E.A.T. from Google.

    Backlink Profile.

    SEO is a long-term strategy that requires on going support. The best results are only possible if you continue to grow your content and generate more backlinks. To get To-The-Top and demonstrate E.E.A.T., you need links. Links are when other sites will reference your content and Google sees that as a major signal of quality. We will leverage your content, expertise and social media marketing to supercharge your link growth. As your links grow, so will your search results.

    Google looks for several factors when assessing your backlink profile. They look for relevance. Are the links related to the topic of your page? Topically relevant links from sites that are in the same or similar industry signals your site is a trusted and authoritative resource.

    Technical Review.

    The technical aspects involve website speed and coding. We look at mobile friendliness, URL structure and indexing issues. We will search for broken links and ensure the proper implementation of the canonical URLs. We also ensure all website coding uses the latest SEO standards.

    Some of the SEO tools we work with are:

    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a software program used to scan sites for technical reporting. This works to better understand your competition.
    • Plagiarism Checker. Google has severe penalties for duplicate content, even when it's unintentional! The same author can sometimes use the same words to describe something. This tool confirms each piece is unique.
    • Semrush is a paid competitor research tool.
    • Serpstat is a multifunctional service to monitor your results. It also analyzes backlinks, keywords and audit competitors.
    • Ahrefs provides internal and external site analysis.
    • Whoishostingthis is a free tool to see who is hosting a site. Great for finding faster web hosting providers.
    • Builtwith is a free tool that shows you the technical characteristics of a site. Ever wonder if a store is on Shopify? Or perhaps on WooCommerce? Builtwith will tell you!

    Targeted Keywords.

    We are true SEO nerds. We will research thousands of keywords. Hundreds of competitors. Consult tons of SEO Tools. Then put together a list of high traffic, low competition keywords that you can rank for, fast. The proof is in the pudding right? Just take a look at all the results our SEO service has provided other clients.

    Some of the SEO tools we work with are:

    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a software program used to scan sites for technical reporting. This works to better understand your competition.
    • Plagiarism Checker. Google has severe penalties for duplicate content, even when it's unintentional! The same author can sometimes use the same words to describe something. This tool confirms each piece is unique.
    • Semrush is a paid competitor research tool.
    • Serpstat is a multifunctional service to monitor your results. It also analyzes backlinks, keywords and audit competitors.
    • Ahrefs provides internal and external site analysis.
    • Whoishostingthis is a free tool to see who is hosting a site. Great for finding faster web hosting providers.
    • Builtwith is a free tool that shows you the technical characteristics of a site. Ever wonder if a store is on Shopify? Or perhaps on WooCommerce? Builtwith will tell you!

    highly professional, responsible, responsive, creative and punctual provider

    R. Karimov

    Is SEO a one-time thing?

    Like anything, SEO requires nurturing and making adjustments along the way. We base everything on data. We monitor the SEO reporting to make adjustments in the content marketing to stay focused on your goals. As the strategy evolves, we will learn more about your customers, who is buying and where they're located. We use that data to adjust the content marketing so you continue your ascent To-The-Top.

    What is the ROI on SEO?

    SEO provides the biggest bang for your bucks. Investing in SEO provides long term value for your site. Once your site is listed, it will continue to send visitors to your site as long as you maintain it. With PPC advertising, you have to pay per click. Some keywords can cost upwards of $30 per click without any guarantee for a sale! The second you stop paying per click the traffic from PPC stops. Click here to see the screen shot from Google Ads.
    Clicks from the organic listings are free and will stay listed in the engines for as long as we maintain great SEO. That is how many clients see an ROI of 500% or more on their SEO investment.

    What is organic traffic?

    Organic traffic are site visitors that arrive from natural search results, not from ads. Users will enter search queries on the major engines in order to find specific information. The non-paid results that appear are called organic results. When a user clicks on those results and goes to your site, that is organic traffic. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc make money from the ads but their real product is the results. Users go to their engines to find the best matches to their queries. We push your site To-The-Top of those results so more users will click onto your site!

    What are digital marketing services?

    SEO is a digital marketing element that focuses on optimizing your site for search. We are SEO Toronto experts and focus on optimizing your site to get the most organic traffic possible! We can offer additional services to assist in web design, content management, and PPC advertising. However our bread and butter is SEO!

    He reworked many features of our website, such as the graphics, text contents and outlay, which enhanced its appearance and attracted more visitors to our website.

    Rustem K.

    What is a Search Engine Optimization Service?

    SEO services involve specialized and technical ways of communicating with search providers. It is the practice of growing website traffic by improving the site's visibility and ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP). Through various strategies and techniques, we can make the site more attractive to the engines and to end-users.

    Internet marketing specialist comparing SEO and PPC

    SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and creating adjustments. The search algorithms are constantly changing in order to provide more relevant results. That is why SEO is not a one-time thing and requires constant adjustment.

    Our SEO Team has gone through extensive training and continuing research to understand the proper way of communicating with the engines. We have unlocked many of the secrets to rank your site at the top. Take a look at our 5 Step SEO process to learn more!

    What is our SEO process?

    Our process has 5 steps, as detailed above. First we perform a deep website audit. Then we research thousands of keywords. Then we implement our SEO strategy. Provide powerful website promotion and provide industry leading support. Those simple 5 steps will bring you To-The-Top in the SERP!

    What is local SEO?

    Calgary SEO Professional
    This practice sets up your website to improve visibility and ranking within a specific geographic region. Local strategies include Google My Business, online reviews, localized content and local links and citations. This will feature your site more prominently in that area and attract more customers.

    What is technical SEO?

    Optimizing the technical elements of a website are critical to rank your site. Many factors are analyzed when the engines crawl the site. They look for site speed, mobile friendliness, user experience, crawlability, URL structure, metadata, sitemaps and more. The user experience and broken links are also assessed to determine overall performance. The better your technical elements are, the higher you will rank!

    Your Custom SEO Package.

    Every business is unique so we custom tailor each package to best serve you. Packages could include keyword research. Content for landing pages. Optimized websites. Technical SEO. It depends on what will provide you with the best results!

    Wondering if SEO is the best way to reach customers in Toronto?

    Local search is a great way to connect with your shoppers in a city. You create a stronger bond with each customer the more you can demonstrate your understanding of their needs. Having google search results for your brand related to the city the customer lives in improves your brand. Exceptional SEO Toronto will build that bond even if your company isn't located in Toronto!

    Do I need a Toronto SEO strategy to be successful?

    That depends. Do you want Torontonians to buy products and services from you? If yes, you need to appear in Toronto. We are a top SEO firm so we will use advanced white hat SEO techniques and ensure your company's online marketing will put you To-The-Top of the search results.

    Should I hire an SEO expert near Toronto, ON from Upwork?

    SEO helps people to find products and services

    Upwork provides a vast marketing place with hundreds of SEO people from all around the world. They all have varying rates and experience levels. With so many SEO specialists, it is important to carefully consider before making a decision. It is hard to find the best Toronto SEO on that platform because of how many freelancers there are. Some may also fudge their credentials so you need to consider their track record and previous experience. Look for a track record of successful projects, their understanding of SEO practices and a strong rating with positive client feedback.

    When reviewing Upwork portfolios look for their years of SEO experience, their understanding of SEO trends, and how happy their previous SEO clients are. Many businesses prefer to work on Upwork because the ratings show how good the Toronto SEO firm is. Our rating is 4.99 on Upwork. If you prefer to work through that platform, we definitely can! Upwork will charge you extra fees so you'll more if we work directly together 😉. Contact us today!

    How much do Toronto SEO services cost?

    The price for SEO services in the greater Toronto area can vary dramatically. Quite often, a Toronto SEO company will cost more because the cost of living there is higher. That cost is passed onto you. We are Toronto SEO experts but we're not located there so you get a better price for the best ranking!

    Looking for the best SEO company in Toronto?

    magic SEO tools
    You've just found us. We'll let you in on a secret. It doesn't matter if your top SEO company is located in Toronto as long as they're in Canada. We are the top SEO consultants in Canada, so let's get started! SEO Rankings are not random. Our SEO consultants know they are the result of hard work, years of experience and RESULTS. With our SEO experience, your site will go To-The-Top of the Google results. Call us today!

    Customer SEO Campaign Success Stories.

    If you ask any agency, they'll say they're the best. The real test is what their customers say. We know we are the top SEO team because our customers and their results say so. Here is just a small sample of the great things our previous customers have to say about our SEO success.

    "highly motivated to create new ideas and add value to our business."

    "added great value to our website."

    "He reworked many features of our website, such as the graphics, text contents and outlay, which enhanced its appearance and attracted more visitors to our website."

    "I would recommend Grigoriy without hesitation."

    "His efforts have significantly increased the traffic of our visitors, which successfully created new business opportunities for PMG."

    "highly professional, responsible, responsive, creative and punctual provider...for search engine optimization of the websites"

    "attendance of our websites increased significantly"

    "we would recommend his SEO services for other companies"

    "Personnel Recruitment Center “Career – Holdings” recommends [To-The-Top] for search engine optimization of the websites."

    To-The-Top SEO Toronto service is an important part of every marketing strategy.

    Almost every customer journey starts with search. Whether they're looking to learn about a product or find the next best thing, they're searching for it. SEO is an essential part of any marketing plan because of the high ROI and sustainability. If you are not ranked prominently for relevant searches, customers can't find you!

    SEO builds brand credibility. Establishes long-term visibility. Provides valuable insights into user behaviour. And generates high ROI sales. If you don't rise To-The-Top, you lose. Our optimization provides brand awareness and long-term success for your business!