6 Internet Marketing Tools You Will Need to Start Your Business

Author: Roman Nadein (CEO Rocket Firm)

Starting a new business is always a difficult task. You should warrant the highest quality of your products or services, but you must also establish a business plan that will make your new company successful and choose the right instruments that will help you grow your company. Besides, many other questions arise regarding management, company structure, and, above all else, marketing.

We can phrase it this way – the quality of your products won’t matter unless you have a great marketing plan and use the right instruments. Mildly speaking, you have to find the best way to introduce your company to the people around and to offer them your products. Otherwise, how will they ever know about your existence and decide to cooperate with you?

This article provides a list of some important instruments you should use for this purpose. Without a doubt, you have a place to study and find the best ones for you, but I want to recommend you a few instruments I use myself, and in this article, you will learn why they are important, and what you should pay attention to.

  1. MailChip or Sendpulse

You might not have known it, but email marketing is still at the top of the list of the most important ones. The fact is that more than 80% of companies use it, so it means that you should use it too. Plus, millions of people use email every day, so this is one of the best methods you can use to communicate with your customers.

Even if you don’t have many followers in the beginning, you should still implement this strategy. The number of email addresses in your database will increase over time, meaning that this instrument will soon become one of the mainstream. Use it to communicate with your customers, get feedback, and notify them about any changes or new products you are about to launch, and most importantly, offer them discounts and coupons. It is an important tool for me and the most useful in the context of the client’s life cycle.

  1. HubSpot

The most versatile software that helps Rocket Firm marketers keep their fingers on the pulse every day and automates many routine tasks. I have not immediately implemented it into my work, but I realized that it is more convenient to find it as soon as I got acquainted with it. This solution can be very beneficial, especially if you implement it in your company’s early stages. First of all, this marketing strategy will take your business to the next level by letting you schedule your social media posts.

On the other hand, SEO is one of the most important things you need to think about. Mastering this skill may seem quite difficult, but this software will provide you with all the tools you need to make this task much easier.

Besides, it will provide you with all the information about your customers and people who visit your website and all social media pages, due to the integrated CRM. It also makes communication easier and lets you know what people are most interested in.

  1. Facebook audience statistics

Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform, and there is no doubt about it. For my company, communication with potential clients and employees is always supported on Facebook. While you may prefer Instagram or Twitter, Facebook has one major advantage over others – everyone uses it. This is true regardless of their age and interests, making it the perfect place to advertise your products, find target customers and colleagues.

Since every company worldwide uses it, the team has established this instrument that will improve your marketing effortlessly. At first, it will enable you to define your target audience and learn more about it. This is important information because you need to create content that will attract them to your page. Besides, it enables you to enter the required data and ensure that all ads are visible to your chosen people according to demographics, education, etc. There are other tools like ad spy that will enable you to discover new markets and ad campaigns.

  1. Google Analytics

Yes, this is the main tool you should start using as soon as you start your digital marketing campaign. Information is critical in the business world, and this free service keeps you on top of everything.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many facets to it, and you need to know every detail about each one. For example, you need data to understand if your strategy is working as it should, or if you need to make some changes to improve it further. Using this service, I can always see whether the keywords I use in SEO increase the demand for the company’s products and services or not. This data is extremely important, and this tool will enable you to analyze it promptly and make some changes if they are required.

  1. Keyword.io

As you probably already know, one of the best ways to improve SEO is to use the right keywords. But how do you know what it is? Well, use this tool. Simply put, this software will provide you with many suggestions straight from Google. It will enable you to find out what words users enter in the search engine most often, and then your task is to create useful content around them for your customers and target audience.

  1. Trello

I give you a final instrument, one that will dramatically improve your team’s content and team productivity. You can’t understand enough how important content is for your digital marketing. Sooner or later, it is what will attract visitors to your site and encourage them to make a purchase.

You need to be not only confident in its high quality but you also need a tool to help you manage all your projects, and therefore Trello is what you need. The email was the best way to communicate with your team in the past but now this service will not only improve it but also enable you to manage all projects in real-time successfully, especially during a pandemic and remote work. It gives your team the ability to share information easily, set goals, and monitor results. As the result, feedback is very important, and in my opinion, it is the best way to improve the quality of the work under any tasks within your team.


In conclusion, Roman Nadein, the CEO of Rocket Firm, emphasizes the importance of using the right tools to grow your business. Email marketing, HubSpot, Facebook audience statistics, Google Analytics, Keyword.io, and Trello are some of the top marketing tools that he recommends for businesses of all sizes.

Nadein emphasizes the importance of starting with email marketing and building a database of email addresses, as it is still the most effective way to communicate with customers. He also highlights the value of HubSpot as a versatile software that can automate many routine tasks, including scheduling social media posts and improving SEO.

Moreover, he emphasizes that Facebook is the most popular social media platform, making it an ideal place to advertise and find target customers and colleagues. Google Analytics is also a critical tool to analyze digital marketing campaigns and make necessary changes, while Keyword.io can help improve SEO by suggesting the right keywords.

Finally, Nadein stresses the importance of content and team productivity, which can be managed effectively with Trello. It allows for real-time project management, easy information sharing, and goal monitoring.

Overall, businesses can benefit greatly from using these marketing tools, as they can help reach target audiences, analyze campaigns, and improve productivity.


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