Keywords and semantic core creation

Keywords is a critical component in the planning stage of the Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research helps to understand what your target audience is looking for and with what frequency. The right choice of keywords and the creation of semantic core is the basis for further optimization of site content.

With keywords research reading minds of your target audience becomes possible

Does it sound like mission impossible? Not for me

Selection of SEO keywords for Search Engine Optimization

The primary principle of targeted keywords selection based on what words and phrases people search. Once entered, the search engines will automatically find the websites that contain those keywords and similar phrases.

The qualified SEO expert can optimize the content of your site and place it on the first pages of search results. Once it’s there, people will certainly check it out.

Bingo! Now the attention of your future customers is entirely yours.

That is the most efficient way to create a regular flow of unique visitors. And what is even more important, the majority of those visitors will be exactly from your target group.

For keywords research, I use your competitors to your advantage

By thoroughly analyzing the best practices and phrases used by your competitors I adjust my strategy accordingly.

By knowing the focus of your competitors, I can make some concrete steps and get far ahead.

Precise selection of keywords can guarantee ~47% of success

Every website is different and has its target audience, features, selling points and advantages. Therefore an approach for SEO optimization should also be distinct and unique.

It’s hard to underestimate the value of each and every keyword that should be carefully selected for your business niche. If you want your target audience to know about the existence of your website at all, you have to ensure that the content correlates with the keywords entered into Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

How selection of the keywords for SEO works

Entering keywords to the articles, titles, comments, posts and other places of your website is one thing, however selecting those words and ensuring its effectiveness is an entirely different challenge.

Search engines are my best friends

Search engines decide which websites will be at the top of the page and which at the bottom and what’s even more challenging is that their criteria for selection are constantly changing. Therefore I conduct regular in-depth analysis and studies of current trends. That is how I can always be in trend and optimize your website accordingly.

Newest technologies

By using the most modern software and technologies, I can easily spot out the most frequent requests of your target audience and analyze which words and phrases can do wonders.

It’s not enough to know only several phrases, but rather the entire range of them. Based on the statistics, I will find out the exact number of those requests as well as words’ combinations. For instance “Keywords” request was entered over thousand times per months. On the contrary “Research Keywords for business in Calgary” was registered less than ten times per month. The difference is noticeable.

Owing to the latest technologies, each phrase will be selected by your target groups, location, and specialty.

Precise selection of keywords will inevitably hit the target

SEO keywords research in Calgary

Based on your market analysis, target groups and niche I select only the most efficient and suitable search engine keywords for your business.
A profound analysis of the product and the market is one of the key factors of your success.

The following example will demonstrate a seriousness of the approach.

Let’s say you have a website that promotes services and different training programs for self-development are your main products. One of the evident keyword “training” has over millions of entries per month, but it doesn’t mean that this word has to be used as the primary phrase for this website because people are searching for different kinds of training. This phraze is too vague and encompassing to be used alone. I have to specify type of training, type of target audience, location where they are held or promoted and many more criteria, such as pricing policy, competitors, unique selling points and so on.

Unlike majority of SEO specialists, I don’t base my selection process entirely on the frequency of requests. I choose specific and focused keywords based on many different factors, such as competition, niche, qualities of the products demonstrated on the website and other special categories which I discuss with each customer individually.

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