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Recently, I had a large company owner ask me for advice what to look for hiring another Calgary SEO company. Initially, they wanted to hire my firm. However, I already have a client in his industry. So I had to pass.

This issue is critical hiring SEO consultants. I have a strict non-compete policy. I do not accept new client partners if we’re already partnering with someone else in that target industry.

 Calgary SEO Company – What To Ask

Calgary SEO Company – What To Ask

Are you currently working with one of my competitors? Do they even have a no-compete policy? They should.

Every SEO firm needs to be loyal to their client partners. Fanatically loyal. At least in our world.

Instead, too many Calgary SEO company executives gloss over this issue. They want your account. Plus another twenty more.

They could care less if your business model is in direct competition with one of their existing clients.

If it happens you will suffer the consequences without ever knowing about it.

Calgary SEO Company: Your Partner?

Calgary SEO Company: Your Partner?

A Calgary metro client partner of ours discovered this truth. His site was non-existent in the top 100 on Google.

His former CMS/SEO company did the one thing that is standard (and dishonest) in this business.

Held his site hostage when I came into the picture.

Here’s how it went:

  1. First, he requested admin access to his CMS
  2. They replied with no reply
  3. Days later, he made another request
  4. They replied “pay off our fee for the rest of the year, then we’ll talk”
  5. He was stuck, so he did and I was off to the races

Calgary SEO Company Advice for SEO

Calgary SEO Company Advice for SEO

Ask them to share a few of their case studies.

Where were the client search engine rankings before work began? Where are they now?

What did the Calgary SEO company do to make their site Penguin compliant?

If you want more free advice, contact my Calgary SEO company today.

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PS Also watch this video “Why Hire an SEO Company”

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