Search Engine Optimization in Calgary

Search engine optimization includes an entire range of services that aim to place your website on the leading positions in search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. I call it Search Engine Optimization marketing because my efforts are focusing on widespread promotion.

Website optimization can open all search engines’ doors

83% of people use search engines to find everything they need. Every person has his or her criteria for products they are looking for. My job at Calgary SEO Company To-the-TOP! is to ensure that these rules included in your website.

By optimizing every page of the website I do your products available to people. And also, make the products hard to ignore.

You don’t have to be a Guru of Search Engine Optimization to understand how it works

Traffic from Search Engines after optimization

Percentage of Google Traffic presents stunning results on the chart below. It shows that 91,5% of people do not go even to the 2nd page of Google search results.

If your website is not on the first page, then you can say that you give away the biggest part of your profit to others. Majority of people do their research according to the rule of “3 clicks”:

  1. Open Google;
  2. Enter keywords and press “Search”;
  3. Open one of the first ten results.

It’s that fast!

I understand the reality, and therefore I create highly impressive and efficiently optimized all pages. That address even the toughest criteria.

Insights resemble success on the outside

In Search Engine Optimization content matters

Every single word, titles, signatures, product descriptions and articles have to be correctly structured, contain the keywords and at the same time be concise!

I am familiar with all the requirements of search engine robots and their selection criteria.

That have been worked perfectly for many customers of mine and will work for your benefit as well!

Correct information placement makes a difference

Website Search Engine Optimization in Calgary

You cannot place information, ads, banners and other information where you feel like suitable and without knowing essential design and visual principles! Regardless of how powerful your message to the customers might be, if it placed in a wrong set, it can be perceived incorrectly or even be ignored.

Furthermore, all keywords should be used in codes of the pages. That’s the only way for search engines to find your website among the millions!

The codes form the spine of your site

HTML-code of web pages can either be useful for search engines or useless. The complexity of the HTML-code determines where the web page will stand and whether it has any chances of getting to the top search results.
Automatic search engines’ robots and spiders prefer cleanliness and order in the code. Therefore even the smallest mistake in the code can make influence to lowering loading speed and the effectiveness of all web page.

By trusting this tough task to me, you be sure that search engine optimization will please even the pickiest robots.

Link network is robust

If your website has a well-developed link building, it will boost its overall rating.
However number of your external and internal links has to be balanced by an expert who knows all pros and cons.

As part of the Calgary Search Engine Optimization, I will check every single picture, word, font, visual element, usability elements and many other things which you might not be even aware of.

All these recommendations are based on newest publications and trends in SEO marketing, design, my expertise and official data from the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization specialist in Calgary

Reliable Search Engine Optimization tools

  • You will be served in the highest standards of because we are always in trend and grow along with the progress!
  • Customized automatic checkers leave no room for mistake and scan your website from top to bottom and from inside out! We have our customized algorithms and programs that make a full check and find the weak links.
  • Fast and impressive start is possible! Even the newest websites can achieve impressive results from “scratch” in short period of time. Increase in visits, emails, phone calls, orders and sales are the main indicators that will tell you that you are on the right track!

I do Search Engine Optimization in Calgary for businesses of all sizes

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