Website audit and profound SEO Analysis with Detailed Report

SEO analysis and website Audit in Calgary, Albetra

Website Audit is required for further Optimization and promotion on Internet. I want to share my skills in Search Engine Optimization, give you recommendations what to do next, and help you with it if necessary.

My website audit process includes these mission-critical elements:

  1. A real-live human being conducting your audit
  2. Manual review of your site for Google Penguin compliance
  3. Analysis of your rankings for your target keywords
  4. Manual research of the #1 Google rank holder for each keyword
  5. Advice whether your keywords are viable
  6. Suggestions on better keywords to pursue
  7. Conversion advises transforming your visitors into prospects
  8. A Conference call to discuss your website audit
SEO website Audit in Calgary

I do not consider website audit as a sales tool. Instead, I offer them for one reason:

  • To work with a handful of the best Calgary-based companies and businesses.
  • I know SEO is an ocean of under-qualified consultants out to trick you into becoming a client.
  • Instead, I focus on value. I give you great information that will have an awesome impact on your site – even if you put it to work yourself.
  • Then, I build a relationship with your team. If you choose to hire another firm, I can even tell you what to ask them during the interview process.

It is the least I can do for the chance to have the privilege of earning you as my client partner.

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Once you send me your website’s domain name, I will have your website audit done within 3 days. After that, if you wish, we can schedule a meeting to discuss the data in your Detailed Report of the SEO Analysis.

Professional Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO Analysis

Seo analysis can be compared with the soil survey in front of the house construction. If you start to build a house on a plot with unfavourable conditions for the house, such as an underground pipeline pass or an underground river flow, then the construction might be prohibited, or it is required water-resistant insulation which must be installed in the initial stage of construction of the foundation. The same thing with Search Engine Optimization services, SEO professional should have an idea of what he will work with. So, website audit and SEO analysis are the most important components at the beginning of the path to successful promotion in the search engines.

What are professional SEO analysis and website audit for?

Regardless of how intimidating website audit, content review, SEO analysis terms may sound, the drivers behind them are designed to push your website To-the-TOP! Precise SEO settings, final content revision combined with deep analysis of the market are those drivers that will make your site stand out and become the leader in its niche!

For better or worse, these tools can only be useful in the hands of professionals!

Every Website has a chance to be at the TOP

Obviously, everybody wants their website to be the top in search engines because that will naturally lead to a boost in sales, brand recognition, expansions and much more benefits.

  • There are just a few white hat methods of website promotion that will increase rating and search engines trust for your site.

Hitting your target to be in the first places of search engines is my highest priority!

I deliver impressive results through proper website audit from the first take

It is easier to establish something than fix the consequences and redesign everything all over again.
Comprehensive site audit covers and analyzes three major areas:

  • Website structure
  • Your target audience
  • Competitors in your field

Any website will not be successful without spotting out and analyzing strengths and weaknesses of your site, wishes, and trends among your target audience, impressive presentation of your website, and identifying the strengths of competitors!

Being the experts in SEO Analysis, I make the impossible possible

In fact, I do not have any magical technologies to attain seemingly incredible results, yet I know how to meet or even exceed your highest expectations! What do I do differently?

  1. I use your competitors as resources to your advantage

    By spotting out competitors’ best practices and determining underlying reasons for their success, we find creative ways to improve your website!I will make sure that your website has plenty of keywords During the SEO Analysis process, I am assessing a scope of work to be performed to promote your website to the top. Moreover, after conducting a professional website audit and scanning the market, you will be provided with useful tips for further improvement of your website in the future!

  2. I know the major search engine principles in depth

    My extensive experience and solid knowledge of working principles of search engines’ will be used for your benefit!I will make sure that your website has plenty of keywords in the content and it is optimized for the search engines. Any sorts of errors will be eliminated as well as right coding, links and correspondence with keywords for the automated search engine robots will be established.

  3. A simplicity of the website is one of the keys to its attractiveness

    The Proper combination of all usability elements will attract customers to your site and thus bring business to you. A presentation is half of the deal, and therefore such elements as colours, design, structure, effects, font and template altogether make the difference! Every single detail counts.Unfortunately, many website owners do not have enough knowledge of those tiny and yet influential details.Allow SEO expert to give you a valuable feedback and recommendations for improving your website and you will be amazed by the results!

Professional Website Audit will reveal the answers to many questions

Professional Website Audit will reveal the answers to many questions

Firstly, you will understand the reasons why your website does not bring the desired results.
You will find the answers to the following questions that have been bothering you for so long:

  • Why the website has a low number of unique visitors?
  • How come users do not spend much time on your website?
  • Why your website is not on the first pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo searches?
  • What are the reasons behind poor sales from the website?

Secondly, you will be given exact guidelines on how to improve the indicators of your website.
You will receive the answers to the following questions:

  • How to increase a flow of unique visitors to your website on a regular basis?
  • Can your website be more popular?
  • How can you save on promotion?
  • How to increase your number of sales?

Eventually, you will see the whole picture of how your website functions and can be improved.

Let your website bring your business up!

website bring your business up

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