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Smart SEO website promotion includes a broad range of different activities of Internet Marketing. To promote your website effectively, it’s important to understand the sources where your customers come from.

Figures do not lie!

SEO promotion in Calgary

According to the latest statistics, a majority of your target audience (41,97%) visits your website trough direct links. That means they entered your website directly to their browsers. That happens because they knew it already or saw it on a business card, in a catalogue, magazine or elsewhere. The second largest part of your target audience finds your website through the search. 28.68% of people enter the keywords to the search and find what they need. If you want to win their attention, your website has to be at least on the first page of the search result. Ideally in the top 5! SEO and website promotion will make search engines place your website on top.

Website promotion in Calgary

And finally, 23,29% of people find your site through referrals or through links that are distributed in ads, posts, publications, articles, etc. all over the Internet. That’s precisely the purpose of website promotional, which aims to distribute the links on the Web. The links should be in the most attractive and efficient manner, and set importantly in the right places.

The rest of the channels are interconnected with one another and include direct links to the website. They are part of the website promotion plan.

Another note for consideration. This statistics includes both – new and existing traffic. However, my experience shows that 80% of your target audience will find you through the search. 75% of them will be entirely new visitors.

Top Global Digital Marketing ChannelsFive milestones on your way to success:

    Promotional Advertising and Digital Marketing Professional SEO Analysis is a comprehensive audit of your website, competitive environment, target audience and specifics of your business area. Afterwards, the direction of the following aspects will be apparent: the product placement, promotion strategy, selection of the keywords and others.
 SEO Keywords for Digital Marketing Targeted selection of the SEO Keywords implies not only selection of the most popular search entries, but rather a smart selection of specific words and phrases, suitable for your business, location, target audience, competitive advantages and other individual features. Success on this stage will establish a bridge leading your target audience to the website.
 SEO Optimization in Calgary Search Engine Optimization fine tunes all elements of your website to get it to the top pages of search results! It includes the establishment of the right meta-tags, correct content, and internal link building. Professional optimization will align every element of your website following the criteria and preferences of your target audience.
 Search Engine Marketing in Calgary Link building strategy is the next step after Website SEO optimization. The first places of the organic search results are free and everyone wants to get them. Link building will increase the visibility of your website in search engine results.
 Internet Marketing in Calgary, Alberta SEO support service is a set of promotional activities on different websites, blogs, trade platforms, social media and many more internet resources that are suitable for your business. Many people are trying to save money on marketing, but they do not realize that this is the most efficient way to increase your sales. No promotion, no gain!

It is possible to obtain outstanding results in only 4 to 6 months for small- and medium-size projects. Given that, you conduct all these promotional advertising activities in the compound. For larger projects, it might take from 6 to 12+ months.

Website promotion with SEO Optimization will increase a steady flow of target audience.

Whereupon sales can be multiplied by few times!

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