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The booming website can be compared to a living plant. The content for a website as of water for the plant. For its successful growth, you have to keep an eye on and create content for it all the time. By the website SEO support service, I will take care of your website and keep it updated in accordance with the newest recommendations of the search engines.

Reaching a certain level is one thing, keeping the leading position is entirely different

Website SEO Support positions in search engines

Unfortunately even the most incredible results will not be the same forever.

Highly competitive and dynamic business environment has numerous factors that can influence reached positions in search engines. Constantly changing standards and criteria of search engines, modern trends, smart competitors and changing preferences of your customers are only part of many.

Even when you constantly keep your eyes open to survive, it might not be good enough.

When you have trained eyes watching out for the website, then you have much better chances to be the lead.

Keeping your website always up-to-date

Website SEO Support Services in Calgary

SEO support service implies flexibility and awareness of the recent news, changes, and trends.

The only way to maintain the lead is continuously tracking all direct and indirect factors. That influence your rating, search engines’ trust, popularity, and positions in top search results.

Nonstop and thorough monitoring will keep your website updated and optimized at all times. Don’t you want Google to be your best friend?

Professional Website SEO Support

Website SEO support services stimulate steady development

Reliable, professional and steady development of your website is one of the key aspects of website support services. The content, news and other publications are the main focus areas of the search engines and therefore they have to be actual, current and new. Unless updated, the website will not be among the search engines’ favorites and its position in search results will be lowered.

By focusing on what is important for the search engines, I maintain leadership of your website.

Another focus of the search engines is link building. That means the development of links leading to your website. It’s not enough to keep your link network from outer internet resources updated at all times, it should also keep expanding.

SEO Support Website and Content marketing

Constant link building leads to a regular increase of your rating.

Professional website SEO support services will keep on increasing the amount of back links and the ratings of your website.

Continuous SEO Promotion in the Internet

Marketing and PR activities are undividable part of quality SEO support services.

The more information is published in different internet resources, the greater your rating becomes. Especially now in the era of Social Media and Blogs, promotion in the hubs of your target audience is not only recommended, it’s a must.

Website search engine optimization support

By continuously promoting your products, publishing news, press releases and articles on other websites that are linked directly to yours will boost your rating with a speed of a rocket.

Following the trends in the market

I follow the newest trends in Search Engine Optimization techniques, Content Management Systems, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and many more areas.

However following cool trends doesn’t mean blindly applying all of them to your website. Each and every update is evaluated and analyzed first. Only after I find it suitable to your concept, it will be presented to you and added to your website.

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    SEO Services for all types of web projects

    With our Calgary SEO Services we're helping creates an effective SEO marketing plan for your company and brings it to life with you, step by step

    Calgary SEO Services

    What is important about SEO Services?

    In last a few years Google devastated millions of site owner rankings. Why? Two reasons:

    1. Better relevancy for searches;
    2. Leveling the playing field for honest businesses.

    The question for you is why are you reading this sentence?

    Since August 11, 2008, I have done hundreds of site audits, and the most of them were for Google Penguin compliance. My research reports almost 77% of these websites have been pummeled on Google for these reasons:
    1. Outdated site structure;
    2. Poor relevance for the target users;
    3. Over-optimization for search engines;
    4. Mismanagement of SEO targets keywords.

      The others had poor site content for relevancy. A client frustrated with what I found asked, “What does all of this mean?” What this means is Google sees your site one of two ways:
    • You have deceptive SEO elements on your site;
    • Or you have poor SEO elements.
    Five steps of SEO Services

    Love Google Penguin

    The latest Google Penguin algorithm update came out on September 23, 2016. You can comply with Penguin and dominate. Or do not while watching your competition crush you doing so.

    SEO Start in the Basement

    Even if you are hiring someone other than my firm, do one thing.

    Analyze on your pages SEO elements from the ground up.

    • Like updating your site title, keywords, and description for Calgary SEO-related searches;
    • Next, dovetail a small set of highly-searched keywords related to your service or business;
    • Then format your page and post text for better relevancy for your intended keywords.
    I have had SEO clients from Calgary use this method increasing their organic rankings 50 positions on Google in a month. Proper search engine optimization is about structuring your site content for your target audience regarding relevancy.

    High-Octane Keywords

    Guess what? Of the website audits I have conducted, nearly 87% of sites had the target wrong keywords. Why? Keyword searches change monthly. If you are not targeting new trends in keyword searches, your goose is cooked. When I work with a new client, I scour keywords with relevant searches.

    Content Management

    If you do not have rankings on the first page of Google, your content is bad. Google has been warning us for years to comply with their standards of relevancy. Most likely soon. Google Penguin helps rank sites offering valuable content for the searcher. Contact me today for more information about SEO Services, my cell: (403) 308-5949 Greg 
    I am located in Calgary and would be happy to meet and answer any of your questions.

    Step 1

    Website Audit

    Professional SEO analysis and optimization of your website, its content, and usability elements, combined with the analysis of your niche and target audience will transform your website from ordinary to extraordinary! I know how to get your customers in Calgary!

    Step 2

    Targeted Keywords

    I know how to read the minds of your customers! Selection of each SEO keyword is based on the deep analysis of search engines and real requests of your target audience. It is the most effective and reliable way to create a regular flow of unique visitors to your website!

    Step 3

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about precision and proficiency! You win your customers because I do my best to include every criterion that might be in their minds! Customized SEO programs, knowledge of the newest trends, automated systems, and personalized approach will make your website the lead!

    Step 4

    Website Promotion

    Give me 4 to 6 months and number of unique visitors will be increased by 100%! By knowing the top sources of your target audience, I promote your website in the right places! Professional Internet and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) combined with the modern PR tools will multiply your sales in the shortest possible period!

    Step 5

    Ongoing Support

    It’s necessary to be in trend and know the changes in search engines’ policies and preferences of your target audience. Website updates, new content publishing, promotion on other websites and more altogether will maintain your leading positions!

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