Why SEO Backlinks Don’t Work

Having a ton of backlinks pointing to your site, regardless of their page rank, simply does not count the way it used to.

Put simply, the days of climbing the ranks in Google by buying backlinks are over and done with.

Even with backlinks from the highest page ranks, your link profile is no longer the deciding factor when it comes to ranking on Google.Why SEO Backlinks Don’t Work

The Future of Backlinks & SEO

That is great news for any serious, committed site owner.

Backlinks still have weight and are an important part of SEO & web marketing. However, building a backlink profile is more of a strategy than an activity.

The true power of backlinks in current algorithms is in the number of natural backlinks.

Google is getting much more stringent in checking up on the quality of backlinks leading to sites that try to rank highly.

A Winning Strategy for Backlinks

Natural and relevant backlinks are a byproduct of regularly published, extremely relevant content.

I don’t know about you, but every time I find a link to information that I find extremely valuable, I share it with my friends.

It’s easy to see that, if you make it easier for your content to be shared through social media, it will be viewed by a larger audience.

Because of this, you will always have a higher chance of getting natural backlinks from people who find your information relevant.

The Future of Backlinks & SEO

Focus On The Content

Your website was made for something.

Let me illustrate with a metaphor, which I love so much.

That being the information superhighway, the ‘power’ of your vehicle (website) directly correlates to the amount of information it contains.

The easier that information is conveyed to the viewer, the ‘faster’ your vehicle can move.

You can consider backlinks to be like someone’s opinion on how fast your car is. These big fans (linking websites) say that your vehicle is fast.

Google looks at it and sees that it can not be that fast because it does not have as much relevant content (power) as competing websites.

Focus On The Content

The Conclusion On Backlinks

No matter how many people link back to your website, the search engines are going to look at your content first and foremost.

So, to cover more ground with your website, two simple steps will replace getting more backlinks:

  1. Create original, relevant and excellent content
  2. Make the content extremely accessible to your target readership.

The Conclusion On Backlinks

What now?

Need some suggestions to get the ball rolling on your site?

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I will let you know just how to get those backlinks organically through Penguin & Panda compliant content.


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