How to create successful Link Building Campaign?

successful Link Building CampaignStructuring your link building campaign can be difficult as there is so much advice on the internet that contradicts with each other.

These make a person confused about what to do and what not.

One thing that most of us know for sure is, creating successful link building campaigns are very crucial for the success of a website.

So, figuring out that in which direction should you pursue your efforts for maximum returns in link building is difficult but necessary.

Successful Strategic of Link Building Campaign

Strategic link building is like establishing your website in an online marketplace with a competitive position in your niche. Most of the people confuse link building with search engine optimization. But it is not about SEO or boosting properly your page weight, or about publishing a link directory. Link building is only about enhancing your viewers by making them visit your website with effective back linking.

Defining your online marketplace for link building

Defining your online marketplace

When potential customers look out for a solution to their problem, most of them indulge into a Google search. They scan directories, lurk on discussion groups, read the product reviews and related articles, and then evaluate competitors. The sites which your potential customers usually use to strengthen their decision about a certain product or service makes up your online market space. These are the websites where you need to be, and your link building strategy must be capable of getting you here.

An effective link building strategy must not say: “I am looking for 100 links from the websites that have a minimum page rank of 5″. Rather it should say that: “I want to generate 50 links from some imperative information based sites which my existing or potential customers use on regular basis”.

Understand your Marketplace

Understanding your marketplace is one of the most significant steps for a successful link building campaign. You have to recognize that which are the market sectors which you service and how these different sectors can be ranked regarding their significance to your business. For example, if you are selling to the technology market, you may need to look for the popular technology portals, but at the same time, you have to be sure that is it the right niche where you must share information about your business.

You have to shortlist the niches that exist within your market. For example, under the technology market, you relate to the education as your business. Then an education portal which focuses on technology would be more effective more effective for your link building. Most of the people ignore such niche websites while focusing on the bigger and more popular sites, but by using fundamental niche websites, one can generate great business.

You must look out for 3 – 8 relevant niches from where you can generate links. From those niches develop a target list of around 250 – 300 important websites. And then focus your efforts only on these websites instead of wandering around everywhere on the internet.

Before the link building compaign develop good content

Develop good content

There is no substitute for informative, creative and good content. It is always the content which customers look for, and only the content is responsible for generating higher search engine rankings for your site. A good content always encourages other popular websites to link with yours. So never publish content only for the sake of possessing something that search engines can index.

Every single piece of content that is published on your website must be there for a specific purpose. Either it should be there to support your sales proposition or should be something that your customers might find useful.

Ensure that your content has quality

Your content must be well written and must be easily accessible by the search engines. That means that it must include the words or phrases that people use for searching your products. These words can be incorporated in your descriptions, titles, headings, subheadings and your linking text.

Use Media Sites

Media and social networking sites have huge audiences of people who are looking for information. So getting coverage along with a link to your site will not only fetch you a significant spike in your incoming traffic. But you will also be able to interact with a large audience that will link with you only because that media site did. That implies, links attract links.

First of all, you must start with information sites or high profile portals from your list of targeted websites. Check if any of these have “Write for Us” or “Submit an article” page. If they do, you can write a good article or blog for them to get nice coverage and amazing back links for your business.

Move to non-media sites

After using media sites, you have already gained some incoming back links. Now is the time that you use other sites. Many of these websites will help you with one-way links while some may ask for reciprocating the effort. Since you are asking only the top websites, it certainly makes sense to agree. So, you can include them by writing a short article about them in your content, or you can even try recommending them if they possess something useful for your viewers.

Monitor and Evaluate your link building compagne

Monitor and Evaluate

Building and implementing a link building strategy is important, but proper monitoring and evaluation are even more significant. Monitoring and evaluation do not mean counting the number of links that you have got. It is about checking their real worth by measuring the benefits that those links have brought to your business. So you must emphasize on measuring:

  • By what amount your sales have increased after your link building a campaign;
  • By what amount, your search engine traffic has enhanced;
  • What are the links that bring in most of the traffic;
  • What amount of increased traffic comes from the back links.

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