How Important Are Conversion Rates

What-Are-Conversion-RatesHow important are conversion rates, you wonder? In a word? Extremely.

What Are Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates are measurements of the percentage of a website’s visitors that take the desired action.

Here is an example:

Your goal is to sell an eBook, and 10 people visit your site in a day.

2 of those 10 visitors buy the eBook, as desired.

Your conversion rate for that day is 20% because 20% of your visitors ‘converted’ into customers.

Recognize The Significance of Conversion Rates

Recognize The Significance of Conversion RatesIn the SEO game, most people are focused on search engine rankings first and foremost, but they’re only half of the process!

For instance, if you have 200 visitors and only convert 5% of your traffic regularly, that would equate to 10 conversions or sales.

In that case, you are missing out on converting 95% of your site traffic!

Improving conversion rates happen in real time – you do not have to wait for it to increase like you do with traffic.

Doubling your conversion rates is a great way to make more money from your website immediately.

What is The Point?

It is possible to have much higher conversion rates.

Even if you only had 40 page views a day, you could still make 10 sales in that day with a 25% conversion rate.

That is not that hard to achieve!

How To Improve Your Conversion Rates!

It is a simple process, but it takes time & dedication. Your job is to lead your site visitors to take action.

Everything that you do on your website should have a purpose.

You can and SHOULD do this with all of your site content – your images, your pages, your articles, your videos and anything else you can think of!

Having 40 visitors a day will hold much more significance when you have got 10 new sales a day out of them!

What To Take Away From All Of This

If you are serious about success, focus on conversion.

If you want some advice as to how you can improve your search rankings AND your conversion rates – contact me today for the SEO site analysis!

How To Improve Your Conversion Rates!


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