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    Google’s Panda and Fast SEO – Stay Away At ALL COSTS

    Here’s a simple rule of thumb: everything that isn’t great content is high risk for SEO. Panda does not sleep!

    Why dare say something so extreme?

    Google’s Panda update is a two-part machine:

    1. If sees it anything doesn’t like, it WILL red flag you. (Google’s algorithm looks at every website, whether you’re brand new or 15 years established on the web.)
    2. Your site will be reviewed by a real, live Quality Assurance team. If THEY see anything they don’t like, you’re in deep trouble.


    Content is King – Quality SEO content and Google Penguin Reality

    Quality SEO content and Google Penguin RealityAnyone worth their salt in SEO or web marketing will tell you this truism – Content is King. Content is King – and a good king at that.

    Why is “King Content” so good? He feeds us, keeps us safe, and is a fair judge if we are righteous. Sometimes, the king shows his flaws. Regardless of his flaws, we must respect the King!

    How can I say these things? Have I gone mad? No! It’s a metaphor. Stick with me here.

    Quality content feeds our traffic. It does so through social media & natural backlinking because good content is shared whether we make it easy or not. Is it easy to share a photo of the sasquatch you take with a disposable camera? Of course not, but you know it’s going to make its way to your website, Facebook, Twitter and everything else as soon as you’re able to share it. This is the first way that the theory “Content is King” shows its validity. (more…)

    Search Engine Ranking and Over-Optimization

    Search Engine Ranking and consequential matters “Why my website isn’t ranking?”. One of the questions my firm gets all the time is about search engine ranking.

    After spending thousands of dollars (tens of thousands for many) your site still doesn’t rank in the top 100 on Google, right?

    So what’s the answer?

    There is a handful. However, these are the usual suspects I see most of the time.

    Let’s view what we have at the moment. (more…)

    Website submission and SEO Promotion

    The following website submission tips will help you get more search engine results for your site. They also will teach you how to get backlinks to your site. In other words, get other sites linking to yours. That will increase search engine ranking of your website. Here you will find the tips: (more…)

    Search Engines prefer useful websites and helpful content

    search engine optimization tips Have you an online business in need of some optimization tips for your website to reach the top of search engines? Then this is your lucky day because here is about to reveal some of Organic SEO tips that you can implement into your site.

    Are you excited about be able to receive targeted and high-quality free traffic from searches engines at the three up to six next months?

    All you will have need is learning to how to persuade search engines that you have the best appropriate contents for one or some keywords specified. (more…)

    General Changes in SEO 2014

    Changes in SEO 2014 The field of search engine optimization is always evolving — what functioned to get you high rankings three months ago might not perform for you today. In reality, some changes in the Search Engines’ algorithms could signify that search engine optimization tactics that were coming right results not so long ago could be hurting your rankings today. Search engine optimization experts pay close care to these modifications and update their client’s sites and off-page tactics consequently. That is why you require an heedful SEO team doing the right alteration to your website when appropriate.