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Monitor calibration tool is on your display

Monitor calibration can help you to save your eyes!

display calibration helps save your eyes

Do your eyes systematically etching? Are your eyes feeling dry and accompanied by a headache? Are you spending near a computer most of your day?

In 90% of cases, the problem is hiding in your monitor.  With a high probability, your display is good, and some of you have even great screens. However, the proportions of the contrast, brightness, and colors weren’t set up correctly, which creates the issue.

Most of the people think that brand new monitor suppose to work properly, and when they begin to notice eye discomfort while working at the computer, they run to the closest store and buying an expensive brand new monitor with the hope that the purchase will fix the issue.

I dare to disappoint you. New monitors come out from factories with default settings which have average proportions of brightness, contrast, etc. for the whole line of each model. However, the components of the monitors, such as liquid crystals and LEDs, have their micro deviations from the average standard. That’s why two the same monitors have differences while we compare them side by side.

What can you do to avoid irritation of the eyes and causing headaches?

Here are three ways of monitor calibration to save your eyes:

1. Presets (Preset modes for monitor color calibration)

First of all, you can try to change presets of your monitor. Most of the modern monitors have own factory presets as «standard», «warm», «cool», «soft», «multimedia», «game», etc. You can reach those through the control panel of the monitor.

monitor calibration tool preset modes
Do not pay attention to the name of the preset, look at the changes that appear in the display after choosing a preset. Even if you work in the Microsoft Exel whole day long, the preset «game» can satisfy your eye entirely. That is what you need, isn’t it?

If none of the presets has helped to achieve the desired result, then proceed to the second step.

2. Monitor calibration with custom settings.

Each external monitor has custom settings. Usually, you can find custom in the list of the presets as «user» or «custom».
Before you make any changes, write down the values of the parameters as a backup. For examples:

Brightness 34
Contrast 91

custom displey calibration

Red 66
Green 71
Blue 84

monitor color calibration tool

In the worst case, you can always roll the parameters back.

The first things you want to change are brightness and contrast, then adjust colors to a white point. White color should be white and do not hurt the eyes.

If you are still not satisfied with the reflection of your display, read the third way of monitor calibration.

3. Professional monitor calibration.

Professional calibration of the monitor is done with the special tools as a spectrophotometer, or a colorimeter and specialized software.

Those are measuring contrast, brightness, and the amount of each color the monitor shows to us. By the data from the measurement instruments, we have the ability to setup monitor’s custom settings properly. Then specialized software adjusts the settings of the video card, after which the video card is sending the proper signal to the display.

Finally, after the whole process of monitor calibration, the image of the monitor seems spectacular.

The only thing is that the tools’ prices are not low. For example, the cheapest colorimeter that provides quality calibration cost over $300, and that is going to work properly about 2-3 years in connection with the peculiarity of the silicone protective layer, which dries with the time. While calibrating the monitor is quite enough to do once a year, and in some cases once per two years, this purchase does not look very reasonable.
Spectrophotometers don’t have that protective layer and might work 10-20 years easily. However, those prices starting from $1400.

So, how can you save your eyes and money at the same time?

Simple answer: Ask me to help you :)
I can do the calibration of your monitor with my spectrophotometer for the symbolic price. It takes about 1 hour of my work, and at least a year of healthy and joyful contacts of your eyes with the monitor :)

The best ways to reach me are:

phone: 403-308-5949 Greg
email: Greg [at] ichshenko.com

Take care of your eyes, and your eyes will take care of you :)

P.S. Also, I provide SEO services in Calgary, if by any chance you need it :)

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